Indian Fitness Model Murali

Murali: I stepped into the football field at an age of 13 this was the very beginning of my athletic life. From there I moved up into the high school football squad.

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Get 6 - pack abs in a week!

Get 6- pack abs in a week? Sounds strange right? But not everything is impossible. If you have a lean body and you perform any sort of physical activity poor diet planning would increase.

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Sapna Khanna, Ms Fitness India: Fitness culture in Noida

Sapna Khanna, 48, a resident of Sector 29, has recently won the title of Ms Fitness India (classic category), a fitness competition organized by FSSA (Fitness and Sports Sciences Association).

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Survey Says One In Five Women Are Overweight In India

The proportion of overweight men in India has doubled over the past decade; according to a latest government health survey which also found that one in five women are now overweight.

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Complete fitness guide in 5 tips for new-age women

In the process of losing weight and staying fit, women often end up making mistakes like eating too less, not working out as per their body type and expecting instant results.

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