Murali: I stepped into the football field at an age of 13 this was the very beginning of my athletic life. From there I moved up into the high school football squad. Competing in the inter school, district level football tournaments and also an active athlete in individual sports. I was a front runner in many sports events and won several competitions which primarily includes sprinting and swimming events.

My endurance levels in fitness has improved progressively from this particular age. After my high school my passion towards science lead me into the field of medicine I embarked on a journey to become a medical professional while still maintaining a balance between physical, mental and psychological aspects of living. It was then I found my curiosity in yoga an ancient art from hindu tradition.

My practice began in yoga from that period of my life I have organized my schedule for athletics, yoga and my mainstream profession which is medicine. I learned and practically experienced the impact of yoga and meditation which altered my mental perspective of life and improved my physical flexibility which was an addition to my endurance type of athletic training. This continued for several years until my final couple of years before being graduated. 2010 january 21st a major change in my life it was when I began my weight training, with an Idea to focus on the aesthetics of physical appearance. With a prior knowledge in depth from the profession of medicine I had a keen understanding about the human body and its anatomical, physiological, biochemical and hormonal aspects. As these belong to a part in foundation for physical development additionally I have supplemented this with another branch of science popularly called the sports medicine which helped me acquire the missing aspects like skeletal muscle metabolism and nutrition for completion of fitness professional training. I have applied the knowledge from three fields (medicine, athletics and traditional yoga) to transform my physique into an eye pleasing and in the same way fit for activity purpose. This is the story behind the photos of mine. I am Dr. Muralidhara medical professional specializing in diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine and having a shear passion in becoming a model.

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