Workout Plan for muscle building and fat loss

We provide customized workout plan for muscle building and fat loss goals. It is based on well researched integrated fitness training model of resistance training. Online workout coach will recommend you the plan of exercises to be done in each day for different body parts. Exercise plan will have number of repetitions you should do with particular weight in each set. It will also tell you the rest period you need to take between sets.

Workout for different goals

We know that every individual is not same and have different fitness goals. Some people do exercise for general fitness and some do for building muscle or fat loss goals. People who takes part in bodybuilding sports are more interested in muscle mass growth. On the other hand, people who want to excel in athletic sports need to increase their body strength or endurance. Therefore our online workout trainer generates different workout schedule for each fitness goal.

Workout for beginners

Most of the beginners join gym and leave it in first few months only. They do exercise in wrong form due to which they don't get results and even get injured. It results in drop of self confidence and they discontinue to do exercise. Our online weight training coach provides workout routine to beginner for movement training of each body part. It is designed according to their fitness level and guide, how to perform exercise correctly and safely.

Workout for intermediate

There are many intermediate lifters who have been working out from long but don't get results. They reached to a point where growth seems to be almost negligible. They wonder why they are not getting results in spite of their hard work. At this point our online workout trainer helps to break the plateau and kick start the growth again. Customized workout routine helps them to build muscle and lose weight further.

Workout for advance

When a person is at advance level and prepares for a competitive event then his training needs to be very specific. Requirement of each sports is different and fitness program needs to be specifically built for that sport. Muscle group which is utilized more differs from sport to sport. Therefore risk of injuries in every sport is also different. Our online strength training coach consider all these factors while designing workout schedule so that one can get best results.

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